Věcičky z Kanady

900 Kč

V tomto swapu budou pouze veci z Canady za vymenu veci z cr.:)

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Komentáře ke swapu


Teri | 09.11.2014 16:54

Adel in the second box is the rest of things what you looking for. .. (baby skin, oreo-birthday cake, baby lips-dr.rescuse, case from Forever 21, brandy m.rings ,...)

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Tess | 11.11.2014 13:38

Wow! It looks pretty and cool... If you will do new swap,please contact me!I want do swap with you too! :) :D I always wanted something from Canada :) :3 :D

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Adel | 11.11.2014 19:24

Jillie i can't spek that good in English but i tell to Teri in English the raithing but there was mistakes so i dont want to write it there :/

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